Animal House



Prof. Siddhartha S Jana


Internal users:

Rs. 300/- per cage per week (maximum of 5 mice)


External users:

Rs. 500/- per cage per week (maximum of 5 mice)



Rs. 1500/- per cage per week (maximum of 5 mice)


Each of the user should have the approval for their proposal from the Institutional Ethics Committee and pay for procuring mice from registered/authorized agency before using the facility.


Location: IACS animal house, main building.

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) for Soft Matter



Prof. Nikhil R Jana


Rs. 500/- per 1.5 hour session for internal users

Rs. 3000/- per 1.5 hour session for external users

Rs. 6000/- per 1.5 hour session for industry

Location: Room no. 25 (Ground floor, main building)

High Performance Computing Cluster

TRC cluster


Prof. Indra Dasgupta

Prof. Ankan Paul


Educational Institute:

For faculty group users –

Rs. 30000/- per year for 4 nodes

Rs. 15000/- per year for 2 nodes


Rs. 700/- minimum charge for each job

Rs. 700/- charge for 24 core job / 3 days

Rs. 1700/- charge for 24 core job / 7 days



Rs. 1000/- minimum charge for each job

Rs. 1000/- charge for 24 core job / 3 days

Rs. 2500/- charge for 24 core job / 7 days

Location: Aneesur Rahman Center for High Performance Computing at IACS.

Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry


Prof. Tapas Chakraborty


Per sample charges:

For only LC separation –  

Institute: Rs. 400/-

Industry: Rs. 1500/-


For LC-MS – 

Institute: Rs. 700/-

Industry: Rs. 2500/-


For LC-MS + Compound formula + Database structure search –

Institute: Rs. 1200/-

Industry: Rs. 3000/-

Location: Room no. 20 (Ground floor, main building)

Advanced Polymer Chromatography

Water acquity system


Prof. Suhrit Ghosh


Internal users: Rs. 100/- per sample

External users: Rs. 250/- per sample

Industry: Rs. 500/- per sample


Location: Old Raychaudhuri Hall (Second floor, main building)

Mossbauer Spectroscopy



Prof. Tapan Kanti Paine


Yet to be installed.

Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectroscopy


Prof. Amitava Patra


Internal users: Rs. 1000/- per sample

External users: Rs. 2000/- per sample

Industry: Rs. 5000/- per sample


Location: Room no. 86 (First floor, main building)

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

For detailed information see: TOF-SIMS @ TRC IACS



Prof. Tapas Chakraborty


Per sample charges:

For Mass profile –

University: Rs. 500/-

National Lab/R&D’s: Rs. 700/-

Industry: Rs. 1000/-


For 2D Images –

University: Rs. 700/-

National Lab/R&D’s: Rs. 1000/-

Industry: Rs. 2000/-


For 3D Depth Profile –

University: Rs. 1000/-

National Lab/R&D’s: Rs. 2000/-

Industry: Rs. 4000/-


Euro 100 will be charged for foreign samples with their 3D profiling, 2D images and mass spectral analysis.


Location: Room no. 12 (Ground floor, main building)

Nucleic Acid Synthesizer

DNA Synthesizer


Prof. Surajit Sinha


We have the ability to synthesize custom and modified DNA sequences (~20-25 mer) at a competitive price.


We will not supply any reagents for making DNA/RNA.


Charges per DNA/RNA (upto 25-30 mer)

Internal users: Rs. 500/-

External users: Rs. 1000/-

Industry: Rs. 2000/-


Location: Room no. 105A, Oligo Synthesis Lab (First floor, main building)

Multiphoton Confocal Laser Scanning Spectroscopy


Prof. Siddhartha S Jana


lnternal users:  

Confocal/hour – Rs. 150/- 

2 photon/hour – Rs. 150/-

Super resolution/hour – Rs. 150/-


External users: 

Confocal/hour – Rs. 500/- 

2 photon/hour – Rs. 600/-

Super resolution/hour – Rs. 1000/-



Confocal/hour – Rs. 1000/- 

2 photon/hour – Rs. 1200/-

Super resolution/hour – Rs. 2500/-


Location: Room no. 14 (First floor, biological chemistry building)

Electro-spinning Machine



Dr. Shinto Varghese


Location: Room no. 60 (First floor, main building)

Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)


Dr. Devajyoti Mukherjee

Prof. Sugata Ray

Measurement Options: Magnetization, resistivity, specific heat.

The maximum booking time is 48 hours except for heat capacity measurements where the booking time can be a maximum of 72 hours.


Contact email for sending requisition for measurement:

Charges per day:

Internal users: Rs. 1000/-

External users: Rs. 3000/-

Industry: Rs. 5000/-

Location: Room no. 15 (Ground floor, main building)